Should I go to the Doctor After an Accident?

After an accident, many people often ask themselves, “I feel fine, do I really need to see a doctor?” The short answer is yes, you should see a doctor after an auto accident, for both your health and your settlement.

The primary reason you should visit a doctor after an auto accident is to guarantee your own safety. The human body is complex and unpredictable, so the best way to ensure your health and safety is to visit a doctor and get a clean bill of health. The cost of the medical exam after an auto accident should be covered by your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, so don’t let cost hold you back from proper treatment.

Second to your health is your settlement. If you don’t go to the doctor and get checked, then it’s much more difficult to show that your injury was caused by the accident, which could significantly reduce your monetary settlement.

If the authorities are called and an ambulance arrives on scene, they will ask if you would like to be checked for injuries. Even if you think you feel alright, you might be feeling the effects of adrenaline, or you could be in shock. Let the EMTs check you and follow their instructions and advice. If the EMTs recommend you go to the hospital, then you should go.

If you refuse on-scene care, the defense can use that as a way to deny you settlement money later. They will argue that your injuries weren’t very serious because you felt good and refused care after the accident.

Navigating an accident is difficult. Consult the lawyers at Kirsch, Stone & Morgan today so you don’t have to go through it alone.